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Deluxe Tours & Transfers

Web Design eCommerce SEO

Deluxe Tours & Transfers approached me with the need to create a new website that would accurately reflect their brand and offerings. I recommended a comprehensive website design that would showcase their premium services, including luxury airport transfers, private tours, and event transportation.

The new website is currently in development, and will feature a sleek and modern design, with easy navigation and user-friendly interfaces. To ensure maximum online visibility, the website will be optimized for SEO, allowing Deluxe Tours & Transfers to reach more customers in their target market.

Overall, the new website will provide a streamlined and seamless experience for customers, while also strengthening Deluxe Tours & Transfers’ brand presence and reputation in the luxury travel industry.

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Web Design eCommerce SEO hosting
Ortus Website Preview

Ortus, an IT services provider, came to me with a website that was built on an outdated platform, was super slow, and wasn’t ranking well in search engine results pages. I suggested rebuilding the website using the exisiting design from scratch using WordPress and Generatepress, which would provide a fast and responsive website design. I also carried out a comprehensive SEO strategy on their major pages, targeting relevant keywords and optimizing on-page elements.

As a result of these efforts, Ortus has seen a significant improvement in their online presence, with several keywords ranking number one on search engine results pages, while others continue to climb steadily every month. Additionally, I host Ortus’s website and work with them on a monthly basis to ensure their website remains fast, secure, and optimized for SEO.

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RJ Woodland Services

Web Design SEO Hosting

RJ Woodland Services is a forest management company that approached me with an outdated website that was not responsive and lacked any search engine optimization (SEO) work. They wanted a new website that would improve their online presence, attract new clients, and showcase their range of services. To meet their needs, I recommended a complete redesign of their website, incorporating a modern and mobile-responsive design that would enhance the user experience. I also implemented an SEO strategy that would improve their online visibility and attract more organic traffic to their website.

The new website features a range of services that RJ Woodland Services offers, along with a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to request quotes and schedule consultations directly on the website.

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Jackson Greens

Web Design eCommerce SEO Hosting

Jackson Greens had an eCommerce website that was not meeting their expectations and had a confusing interface. They approached me for a complete website overhaul that would allow for scalability as their business expanded. After analyzing their requirements, I recommended a new website built with WordPress and WooCommerce, which would provide a user-friendly interface and robust e-commerce features. I also implemented an SEO strategy that helped them rank higher in search engine results pages for various relevant keywords.

Within the first three months of launching the new website, Jackson Greens saw a significant increase in revenue, with a threefold increase in sales, as well as a surge in positive reviews. As a result of the improved online presence and increased visibility in search engine rankings, they are now the number one result on Google for their chosen keywords.

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Chasing Light Tours

Web Design SEO Hosting

Chasing Light Tours is a popular adventure tour company that provides unique photography experiences to its customers. This is my other business, I wanted a fast and fresh website with a focus on creating an engaging and user-friendly interface that would showcase my tours and my brand. The website was fully optimized for SEO, resulting in Chasing Light Tours ranking number one on Google for multiple keywords, outranking larger and more established competitors in their industry.

This improved online visibility has led to bookings from customers all over the world, resulting in sold-out tours and constant 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. To further enhance customer engagement, I implemented an automated marketing system that encourages customers to leave reviews after their tours, leading to an even stronger online presence for the company. Since launching the new website, Chasing Light Tours has seen a significant increase in their bookings and revenue, with a 60% increase in bookings in just six months.

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Nine Glens Adventure Tours

Web Design Booking Platform

Nine Glen Adventure Tours had an outdated website that was not performing well across devices and search engines. They needed a new website that would allow them to showcase their unique adventure tours and attract more customers online. I suggested a complete overhaul of their website, with a focus on creating a modern and user-friendly design that would improve their online presence.

The new website features a full e-commerce platform, enabling visitors to book their tours directly online. In addition, I implemented an automated marketing system that sends personalized offers and updates to their customers, increasing engagement and customer loyalty. Through effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, the website now ranks higher on search engine results pages, driving more traffic to the website and increasing conversions.

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Nu Chic

Web Design eCommerce

Nu Chic is a brick-and-mortar fashion store that had no online presence before they approached me. They wanted to create a website that would act as an online catalogue for their products and increase their reach to potential customers who may not be able to visit their store. To meet their needs, I developed a simple and visually appealing website that showcases their latest fashion collections, special promotions, and gift cards for special events.

The website was designed with a responsive interface that is user-friendly for people of all ages, including seniors who may not be tech-savvy. Through the incorporation of an e-commerce platform, the website has allowed Nu Chic to reach a wider audience and generate online sales.

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All Ireland Social Prescribing Network

Web Design SEO Hosting

All Ireland Social Prescribing Network approached me with the aim of creating a website that would help raise awareness of social prescribing and its benefits to other organizations. With their limited experience in website development, I recommended a user-friendly and easily navigable design that showcased their goals and services

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Tenant Check NI

Web Design SEO Hosting

Tenant Check NI is a digital service that streamlines the tenant screening process for landlords and agents. They came to me seeking a website that would be intuitive and easy-to-use, while also being informative and educational about their service. With their target audience in mind, I developed a clean and professional design that focused on key features, such as their comprehensive background checks and risk assessments.

The website also includes a secure portal for registered users to access their screening results, as well as resources and educational content about tenant screening.

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